The most reputable seller of Casper, Samsung, and Mitsubishi air conditioners

Are you looking to own a top-notch air conditioner from Casper, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Sharp, or Reetech but unsure where to buy them? Well, dive into the details below. They’re bound to be immensely helpful in your purchasing journey.

Where to Buy Casper Air Conditioners

Features of Casper Air Conditioners

Casper air conditioners originate from Thailand, specifically assembled in Pathum Thani and Prachinburi. They are renowned for their elegant and luxurious designs, featuring prominent and aesthetically pleasing contours. Compared to other air conditioner models on the market, Casper air conditioners have a notably shorter installation time, saving both time and installation costs.

Casper Air Conditioner

Casper air conditioners come in a variety of cooling capacities, ranging from 1HP, 1.5HP to 2HP. They provide fast cooling within just 30 seconds and feature an Eco mode for efficient energy savings. With durable and silent operation, choosing a Casper air conditioner is a wise decision in the current market.

Where to Find Casper Air Conditioners

With their outstanding advantages, Casper air conditioners are distributed by numerous reputable vendors in Vietnam, including Điện máy xanh, Nguyễn Kim, and Siêu thị máy lạnh, to name a few. Among these, Nguyễn Kim is regarded as the most reliable supplier. Their products are reasonably priced, come with up to a 3-year warranty, and offer convenient installment purchase options, making it easy for buyers to own these utility-packed Casper air conditioners.
Official Casper Website for Vietnam: (Only Supports Viewing Product Information and Retail Locations)

Where to Buy Samsung Air Conditioners

Features of Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung air conditioners are products developed by the Samsung Group, one of the world’s largest electronics conglomerates. Currently, there are two types of Samsung air conditioner products on the market: single-split and multi-split systems. Single-split Samsung air conditioners offer rapid cooling and cost-effectiveness, while multi-split systems have both cooling and heating capabilities.

Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung air conditioners feature a fashionable and eye-catching design. They have an expanded air vent by 54% and more fan blades compared to other air conditioner models, allowing for improved air circulation and cooling efficiency. Moreover, by integrating the 8-pole Digital Inverter technology, Samsung air conditioners effectively control and minimize energy consumption, saving users on operational costs.

Where to Buy Trusted Samsung Air Conditioners

One of the highly reputable sources for purchasing Samsung air conditioners is the Samsung Air Conditioner Agency in Hanoi. This agency exclusively provides genuine, imported Samsung air conditioner products, both single-split and multi-split systems. With competitive pricing and a 2-year warranty policy, it ensures the highest quality air conditioning products.
Official Samsung Website for Vietnam: (Supports Online Purchases)

Where to Buy Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Features of Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi, a well-known brand from Japan, has established itself as one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers in Vietnam. Mitsubishi initially specialized in elevator systems but later ventured into household appliances, becoming a prominent air conditioner brand in the country.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi air conditioners boast a modern and sophisticated exterior design. They are primarily constructed using high-grade galvanized steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance. Their air filtering system employs Enzyme filters that self-decompose, minimizing bacteria, mold, and unpleasant odors in the air. This ensures a healthier and fresher living environment, promoting human well-being. Apart from the mentioned models, Mitsubishi also provides floor-standing air conditioners and large-scale commercial air conditioning solutions.

Where to Buy Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful, high-quality, and reputable Mitsubishi air conditioner, look no further than offers two lines of Mitsubishi air conditioners: Mitsubishi Heavy and Mitsubishi Electric. These include both single-split and multi-split air conditioners, ensuring they can meet all your cooling needs. What’s more, provides a generous 2-year in-home warranty and a 5-year warranty for the air conditioner’s compressor. So, you can shop here with complete peace of mind.

Official Mitsubishi Website in Vietnam: (Supports Viewing Product Information and Retail Locations Only)

Stores Selling Sharp Air Conditioners

Features of Sharp Air Conditioners

Sharp, or Sharp Corporation, is a major Japanese electronics conglomerate, born after Mitsubishi and before Samsung. Sharp primarily focuses on household appliances, including washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, and more. Sharp air conditioners boast advanced cooling technologies and smart AIoT control systems. These innovations not only save energy and time but also offer maximum convenience, leaving you pleasantly surprised.

Sharp Air Conditioner

In addition to their exceptional functionality, Sharp air conditioners feature exclusive PCI antibacterial technology. This technology generates bacteria- and odor-fighting ions, ensuring effective air purification. What’s more, PCI also automates the cleaning of internal components, guaranteeing longevity and high-value usage for your air conditioner.

Where to Find Stores Selling Sharp Air Conditioners

To ensure you always purchase genuine Sharp products, Toplist recommends buying from Sharp Vietnam. When Sharp Vietnam initially entered the Vietnamese market, its office was located in Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Today, the company has stores all over the country, making it easy for you to acquire these renowned Sharp air conditioner products. With a warranty policy of up to 10 years for the air conditioner’s compressor, Sharp Vietnam is a highly recommended option.
Official Sharp Website in Vietnam: (Supports Viewing Product Information and Retail Locations Only)

Where to Buy Reetech Air Conditioners

Features of Reetech Air Conditioners

Reetech air conditioners are manufactured by R.E.E, a Vietnamese joint-stock company specializing in electromechanical refrigeration. Although these air conditioners are domestically produced in Vietnam, they are not limited in terms of functionality. In fact, Reetech air conditioners offer superior features compared to other air conditioner models. This is precisely why many consumers choose Reetech air conditioners.

Reetech Air Conditioner
Reetech Air Conditioner

Reetech Air Conditioners: Simply Efficient and Effective

Reetech air conditioners may sport a relatively simple and classic exterior, lacking the ornate details or flashy features found on their surface. However, this line of air conditioners can save users up to 30% on their electricity bill in just one month. Moreover, it offers rapid cooling capabilities and operates in blissful silence, free from the nuisance of noisy fans. Notably, the inner workings of Reetech’s machines are crafted from highly corrosion-resistant materials, contributing to the brand’s growing prominence. Reetech has become a trusted name in the Vietnamese air conditioner market. Plus, Reetech’s network of air conditioner repair centers spans across Vietnam, so you need not worry about product maintenance and warranty services.

Where to Buy Reetech Air Conditioners

Today, the market is brimming with providers and distributors offering Reetech-branded air conditioning products. Among them, Lê Phạm Electrical Refrigeration stands out as a renowned supplier. Lê Phạm specializes in distributing Reetech ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted air conditioners. They offer a wide variety of styles, models, and price ranges to cater to all customer needs.

Official Reetech Website in Vietnam: (Supports Viewing Product Information and Retail Locations)

Reliable and Quality Air Conditioner Dealers and Distributors

Beyond the website addresses mentioned above, the market today boasts an array of reputable dealers and distributors of genuine air conditioning units for your consideration:

Điện Mays Tốt

Điện Máy Tốt emerged in 2021, during the tumultuous days of the COVID-19 pandemic, which cast a long shadow over the lives of many Vietnamese citizens. However, in the face of adversity, Good Appliances made resolute choices that injected a breath of fresh air into the shopping experience in Hanoi.

As society progressed and living standards improved, the demand for electronic and home appliances at shopping centers and high-rise apartments surged. Điện Máy Tốt is committed to relentless growth, meeting every customer’s needs by offering dependable, professional products and services.

Điện Máy Tốt pledges to provide customer satisfaction through top-notch products and services, coupled with reasonable pricing.

Thien Phu Electronics

Thien Phu Electronics Joint Stock Company, established in 2015, has its origins as Thien Phu Refrigeration Electronics Company, which revolutionized the shopping experience for residents of Hanoi. In a developing society with economic growth and improved quality of life, the demand for electronic and home appliances at shopping centers and high-rise apartments soared. Thien Phu is committed to continuous development to satisfy customers by offering reliable and professional products and services.

Their strategic goals include maximizing shareholder value, enhancing employee capabilities, maintaining customer satisfaction, and developing Thien Phu Electronics into a leading brand in the electronics and furniture sector in Vietnam. Thien Phu guarantees customer satisfaction through quality products, reasonable prices, and constant innovation.

Gia Khang Electronics

Gia Khang Electronics, headquartered at 26 Street No. 4, Le Thanh Residential Area, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, is a reliable address for top-notch electronic and home appliance products from leading global corporations. With a warehouse system spanning over 5,000 square meters and more than 16,000 genuine items from top-notch conglomerates such as Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Electrolux, Hafele, Unie, Kalite, Tefal, Gia Khang proudly meets all customer needs.

Gia Khang Electronics is a pioneer in the distribution of electrical and household appliances in Vietnam, recognized as an “Outstanding Retail System” by Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Electrolux, and others.

In the future, Gia Khang will expand its distribution network across all three regions of Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam, offering convenience and quality to customers nationwide.


Where is the Casper air conditioner manufactured?

The Casper air conditioner originates from Thailand and is assembled in Pathum Thani and Prachinburi.

Where can I buy an authentic Samsung air conditioner?

One of the reputable places to buy a Samsung air conditioner is the Samsung Air Conditioner Dealer in Hanoi.

What are the notable features of the Mitsubishi air conditioner?

Mitsubishi air conditioners have a modern appearance, are made from high-quality galvanized steel, and use a self-decomposing Enzym filter.

Where can I purchase an authentic Sharp air conditioner?

Sharp Vietnam is a trusted place to buy an authentic Sharp air conditioner.

Which company produces the Reetech air conditioner?

The Reetech air conditioner is a product of R.E.E, an Electromechanical Joint Stock Company in Vietnam.

Through the insights into various air conditioner models and top-notch providers, hopes to have addressed your queries. If you have any lingering questions or require further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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