11 Largest Vietnamese Technology Companies

It can be said that the technology field is one of the key fields today in many countries around the world. Owning a developed technology not only helps that country develop but brings many benefits in life and finance. It also affirms that country’s position in the world. Because of the importance of this field, Vietnam has also invested a lot to help technology companies develop and mature. So where are the largest Vietnamese technology companies? Let’s take a look at toplist.com.co in the following article.

A Dazzling Gem: Viettel Solutions

Viettel Solutions, a radiant gem in Vietnam’s technology industry. A pivotal part of the Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel), Viettel Solutions has been and continues to assert its position with a lofty mission: “To accompany the Government, Enterprises, and Community in applying digital technology to bring optimal efficiency to all organizations and happiness to countless people.” With a pioneering spirit, Viettel Solutions proudly waves the banner at the forefront of digital transformation, making significant contributions to shaping a promising digital society.

Embarking on this journey, Viettel Solutions aims to rise as a leading enterprise in Vietnam in consulting and deploying digital transformation solutions. Viettel tirelessly collaborates with organizations, large and small enterprises, and citizens across the nation, by bringing advanced technological solutions that enhance people’s lives. With over 34 years of establishment and development, evolving from a telecommunications construction company, Viettel has continually expanded, diversifying into new sectors such as telecommunications & IT services, research and manufacturing of telecommunications electronic equipment, defense industry, cybersecurity, and digital services provision.

Viettel Solutions
The presence of Viettel Solutions extends far beyond Vietnam, reaching 63 provinces and expanding to 13 international markets across 3 continents: Asia, the Americas, and Africa. This firm step forward solidifies the ambition and capability of a Vietnamese technology company on the international stage.

Recently, at the world’s largest information technology awards – the IT World Awards 2023, Viettel Solutions shone brightly with 4 gold awards and 2 silver awards for independently researched technology products such as RPA, XR, Blockchain, and digital transformation solutions. This achievement not only demonstrates leading research and technology development capabilities but also elevates the position of Vietnamese technology companies on the global technology map.

Viettel Solutions’ solutions are not just powerful tools supporting businesses and governments in digital transformation efforts but also keys unlocking a brighter future, where the quality of life is improved, contributing to building a modern, convenient, and friendly society.

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Unveiling FPT Software: A Beacon of Innovation

As an integral part of the FPT Group family, FPT Software transcends being merely a renowned name globally in the realms of software and digital communications. It stands as an emblem of creativity and trailblazing, setting its sights on not just developing information technology for the domestic market but also reaching out to the world.

With a mission to elevate Vietnam’s technology onto the international stage, FPT Software relentlessly strives, step by step, to conquer challenges, aiming to become a top-notch technology company in Vietnam and a reliable partner to hundreds of large enterprises worldwide. This not only enhances FPT’s reputation but also opens up new opportunities and prospects for Vietnam’s technology on the global tech map.

công ty công nghệ fpt
From its inception, FPT Software has aimed to shine in the IT and telecommunications industries, serving as a solid foundation to cater to customers not only in 63 provinces of Vietnam but also extending its reach globally. To date, FPT Software’s presence has reached 27 countries, with 37 development centers and 65 offices across continents, asserting its position and influence as a leading technology company in Vietnam.

The journey of FPT Software is a tale of perseverance, innovation, and continual expansion. With decades of experience, FPT Software proudly witnesses and accompanies the digital transformation of numerous global enterprises across various sectors such as healthcare, finance-banking, automation manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, logistics and transportation, utilities and energy, consumer packaged goods, and the public sector.

For FPT Software, every project is a story, every technological solution a new step forward in enhancing labor productivity, optimizing operations, and delivering tangible value to the community. With relentless innovation and a passion for technology, FPT Software will continue to be the guiding torch, opening new horizons, and contributing to the global reach of Vietnam’s technology.

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Embarking into the Digital Frontier with Mobifone IT Center

Mobifone IT Center – nestled among the elite tech companies of Vietnam – emerges as a beacon, pioneering the integration of information technology into daily life, robustly connecting people to the forefront of the digital economy.

Since its inception on January 24, 2014, under the stewardship of Mobifone Telecommunications Corporation, Mobifone IT Center has ceaselessly flourished, evolving into a trustworthy technological partner not only for government entities and enterprises but also for thousands of individual clients nationwide. We take pride in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and services, robustly supporting the digital transformation journey, accompanying every organization and individual towards a promising digital future.

công ty công nghệ mobiphone
With relentless dedication, Mobifone IT Center has innovated over 20 specialized ICT products, encompassing solutions for the digital government, digital enterprises, and 4.0 technology applications such as AI, IoT, and Big Data. These steadfast strides affirm Mobifone’s commitment to modern technology application, optimizing workflows, enhancing productivity, and elevating quality of life.

Behind these successes lies a team of experienced leaders, over 30 top-notch IT experts, and more than 1000 enthusiastic and dynamic individuals. Each member of Mobifone IT Center is not just a technologist but also a value creator, offering innovative and breakthrough solutions that enable thousands of businesses at home and abroad to swiftly adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Mobifone IT Center firmly believes that technology is the key to unlocking the door to the future, serving as a bridge that facilitates easy access and enjoyment of the benefits of the digital economy. Our mission extends beyond providing technological solutions; we are committed to accompanying and supporting every organization and individual in shaping and experiencing the digital future to its fullest.

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VNG: Illuminating Vietnam’s Tech Landscape

VNG Corporation, a symbol of technology in Vietnam, was founded in 2004. With over 18 years of relentless development, VNG has emerged as one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam, boasting diversity in areas of operation such as online gaming, connectivity platforms, electronic payments, and cloud computing services. What sets VNG apart is not only its focus on technological advancement but also its profound emphasis on corporate culture and people – two factors deemed the soul of all creativity and innovation.

Since its early days, VNG has created significant waves in the online entertainment scene, ushering in a new era – the golden age of online entertainment in Vietnam. With a deep understanding of the power of the Internet, VNG tirelessly strives to provide meaningful experiences and value to users while exploring and developing new ways to make the Internet more pervasive and accessible in daily life.

công ty công nghệ VNG
One of the secrets to VNG’s success lies in the establishment and adherence to three core values: Embrace challenges; Develop partnerships; Maintain integrity. These values not only guide every activity of VNG but also serve as a source of inspiration for every member, fostering a spirit of dedication and continuous innovation for the sustainable development of the company and the community.

VNG believes that the Internet can change lives, and they have continuously proven this through strong investment in research and development. VNG’s products and services extend beyond entertainment to other fields such as electronic payments and cloud computing services, creating a diverse technology ecosystem that serves millions of users and businesses across Vietnam.

To date, the journey of VNG has firmly established its position as a major technology company in Vietnam, not only in the online gaming sector but also in creating connectivity platforms and advanced technological solutions, contributing to the transformation of Vietnam’s technology industry. With relentless innovation and a passion for technology, VNG continues to stride forward on the path of shaping the future, bringing new value to the community and the nation.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://vng.com.vn/
  • Address: 13th Street, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Facebook: VNG

VNPT: Pioneering Vietnam’s Telecom Sector

Established on March 26, 1995, VNPT isn’t just a leading telecommunications technology company in Vietnam; it’s a symbol of pioneering spirit, innovation, and continuous development in the telecommunications and information technology field.

With over 27 years of formation and growth, VNPT has firmly asserted its position in the industry. It’s not only the leading provider of telecommunications and information technology services in Vietnam but also one of the key technology companies in Vietnam shaping and driving the rapid development of the postal and telecommunications industry. This has contributed to Vietnam becoming one of the top 10 countries with the fastest-growing telecommunications sectors globally.

VNPT Telecom Headquarters in Hanoi
VNPT takes pride in being the second-largest state-owned economic group in the postal and telecommunications sector in Vietnam. It’s also authorized to operate, manage, and exploit Vietnam’s first satellites, VINASAT-1 and VINASAT-2. This not only demonstrates VNPT’s leadership, management, and advanced technology exploitation but also reflects the group’s mission and far-reaching vision in investing and developing the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.

With a rich history and remarkable achievements, VNPT has been recognized through numerous prestigious international awards such as “Best Broadband Provider in Vietnam 2017” and “Best ICT Service Provider in Vietnam 2017” by the International Finance Magazine (IMF), among others. These awards not only acknowledge the quality of VNPT’s services and products but also inspire the group to continue innovating, creating, and contributing to the development of the telecommunications and information technology industry in Vietnam.

VNPT isn’t just a strong Vietnamese telecommunications technology company in terms of technical capabilities; it’s also a place that harbors a rich corporate culture, where every member is encouraged to embrace challenges, develop themselves, and maintain integrity. These core values ​​help VNPT succeed not only in business but also in building a positive, creative, and people-oriented working environment.

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Cốc Cốc: Shining Star in Vietnam’s Tech Universe

Cốc Cốc, a bright star in Vietnam’s technology cosmos. Established in 2008 and skyrocketing from 2011, Cốc Cốc isn’t just a renowned Vietnamese technology company with its web browser and search engine; it’s an indispensable companion for millions of Vietnamese in the digital realm.

With a mission to provide a “pure Vietnamese” search tool, Cốc Cốc prides itself on its superior ability to understand and process Vietnamese better than any other search engine. This not only reflects profound respect and understanding of Vietnamese language and culture but also mirrors the team’s spirit of continuous creativity and innovation.

Cốc Cốc technology company
At Cốc Cốc, users are always at the center. Cốc Cốc not only listens but also puts itself in the user’s shoes to understand and meet their needs. Every new feature, from quick and secure Facebook access, lightning-fast file downloads, to smart online shopping tools, automatic Vietnamese diacritics, spell checks, and English-Vietnamese dictionaries, is evidence of Cốc Cốc’s relentless efforts to provide the best user experience.

In particular, Cốc Cốc is the ideal choice for finding nearby businesses and experiencing online shopping. With a vast, regularly updated, and accurate database, even in the most obscure places, Cốc Cốc helps you access information quickly and accurately.

Not stopping there, Cốc Cốc’s advertising system, with real-time bidding (RTB) technology, is not only easy to use but also highly effective for Vietnamese businesses, helping them reach their target customers accurately and efficiently.

With an unwavering spirit of innovation and innovation, Cốc Cốc proudly stands as a renowned Vietnamese technology company, always leading the way in developing information technology solutions for Vietnamese users. Let’s continue to explore and conquer new horizons of technology with Cốc Cốc, bringing practical and optimal value to each user, while contributing to enhancing Vietnam’s position on the world map of technology.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://coccoc.com/
  • Addresses:
    • 8th Floor, ICON4 Multipurpose Building, 243A De La Thanh Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
    • 3rd Floor, Block AB, 27B Nguyen Dinh Chieu Building, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Facebook: Cốc Cốc

VCCorp: Leading Technology and Media Company in Vietnam

Since 2006, VCCorp has steadily asserted itself as the largest technology and media company in Vietnam, with significant strides and impressive developments in the IT and media industries.

VCCorp’s corporate culture is built on core values: “Creativity – Proactiveness – Trust – Ever-changing.” These aren’t just commitments to customers and partners but also guiding principles for all of VCCorp’s activities, products, and services. These values have not only led to numerous proud achievements but have also made VCCorp one of the largest technology and media companies in Vietnam.

VCCorp boasts a wide-reaching online media network with many reputable and popular news sites like kenh14.vn, soha.vn, cafef.vn, and many more. These platforms not only offer diverse information ranging from social news to gaming and finance but also serve as sources of inspiration for millions of readers daily.

In the Digital Marketing field, VCCorp’s Admicro is a strategic media partner of many leading global companies such as Google, Dentsu, and GroupM. VCCorp takes pride in being the bridge between brands and customers, providing the most effective marketing solutions.

VCCorp is also a prominent name in the gaming industry with SohaGame, ranked among the top 3 game publishers in Vietnam, offering top-notch gaming experiences to the gaming community.

Additionally, Bizfly – a comprehensive digital transformation solution from marketing to sales and technology infrastructure – is evidence of VCCorp’s pioneering ability in applying the latest technology to business.

Notably, Lotus – a social network run by Vietnamese people – is VCCorp’s pride, a new, creative online playground that connects the community with rich cultural values.

With firm and steady progress, VCCorp continues to assert its position not only as the largest technology and media company in Vietnam but also as a source of inspiration for innovation and creativity in the digital industry.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://vccorp.vn/
  • Address: 1 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
  • Facebook: Vccorp

VCCorp: Pioneering Technology and Media Marvel

Since its inception in 2006, VCCorp has been on a relentless journey to establish itself as the premier technology and media conglomerate in Vietnam, marking significant strides and leaving indelible impressions in the realms of information technology and media.

VCCorp’s corporate ethos is deeply rooted in core values: “Innovation – Proactivity – Trust – Ever-evolving.” These aren’t just hollow words for customers and partners; they serve as guiding stars for every endeavor, product, and service offered by VCCorp. These values have not only led to numerous proud achievements but have also propelled VCCorp to become one of the largest technology and media companies in Vietnam.

VCCorp proudly boasts a vast online media network encompassing numerous reputable and widely-read news portals such as kenh14.vn, soha.vn, cafef.vn, and many more. These platforms don’t just offer diverse information ranging from social news to gaming and finance but also serve as wellsprings of inspiration for millions of readers daily.

In the Digital Marketing sphere, VCCorp’s Admicro stands as a strategic media partner to many global industry leaders like Google, Dentsu, and GroupM. VCCorp takes pride in bridging the gap between brands and consumers, delivering the most effective marketing solutions.

VCCorp has also made a mark in the gaming industry with SohaGame, ranked among the top 3 game publishers in Vietnam, delivering top-notch gaming experiences to the gaming community.

Moreover, Bizfly – a comprehensive digital transformation solution spanning marketing, sales, and technological infrastructure – stands as a testament to VCCorp’s pioneering spirit in adopting the latest technology for business.

Notably, Lotus – a social network led by Vietnamese creators – stands as VCCorp’s pride, offering a fresh, creative online playground that connects communities with rich cultural values.

With steadfast progress, VCCorp continues to cement its position not only as the largest technology and media company in Vietnam but also as a wellspring of inspiration for innovation and creativity in the digital industry.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://vccorp.vn/
  • Address: 1 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
  • Facebook: Vccorp

Hitachi Vantara Vietnam: Unleashing Digital Excellence

Since 2020, following the merger of Global CyberSoft Vietnam and Hitachi Consulting, this company has heralded a new era under its new name, delivering top-tier digital technology solutions to global clients.

Setting its sights on pioneering digital consultancy solutions, Hitachi Vantara Vietnam takes pride in offering high-quality services that meet diverse needs in the age of digital transformation. With profound expertise spanning from Enterprise Application to Digital Modernization, the company isn’t just a reliable tech partner but also a source of inspiration for innovation in the industry.

Công Ty Global CyberSoft Việt Nam

Highlighted Services by Hitachi Vantara Vietnam

  • Enterprise Application: Integrated enterprise application services optimize and automate internal processes, enhancing work efficiency.
  • Digital Insights: Specialization in analyzing and understanding customer behavior through digital transformation helps businesses grasp market needs and trends.
  • Digital Modernization: Providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions, from management systems to technology infrastructure, to accelerate enterprise digitization.
  • Embedded Systems: Developing embedded systems, seamlessly integrating hardware and software, applied in automation and industry, expanding technology application capabilities.
  • Quality Assurance Services: Quality control services ensure that a company’s products and services meet the highest standards.

At Hitachi Vantara Vietnam, every project, every product tells a story of dedication, creativity, and relentless effort for a smarter digital future. Hitachi Vantara’s mission is not only to provide advanced technology solutions but also to create sustainable value for the community, contributing to improving quality of life and driving economic development.

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CMC Corporation: Pioneering Vietnam’s Tech Frontier

Since 1993, CMC has relentlessly risen to become a leading technology company in Vietnam, showcasing resilience and global market presence. With over 30 years of establishment and growth, CMC is not just a symbol of trust and reliability but also an endless source of inspiration for technology enthusiasts.

The conglomerate has built a diverse ecosystem with four core activities: Technology & Solutions, Telecommunication Services, International Business, and Research & Education, each demonstrating professionalism and dedication. With the motto “Aspire to Inspire the Digital World,” CMC aims not only to build trust with customers but also to ignite motivation for technology enthusiasts, sharing knowledge fairly and equally.

công ty công nghệ cmc
Throughout its journey, CMC Corporation has been recognized as a reliable partner in numerous large-scale ICT projects, serving a diverse range of sectors from government to education, banking, and finance. The diversity in services and depth of knowledge are the secrets behind CMC’s imprint not only in Vietnam but also globally.

CMC’s thirst and passion for technology do not stop at the present. They aim to strive to become a top technology company in Vietnam globally, always at the forefront of applying new technology trends. CMC is committed to developing world-class products, services, and technology solutions, delivering superior value to customers while enhancing Vietnam’s position in the digital age.

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BKAV: Shaping Vietnam’s Cybersecurity Landscape

Bkav, a name synonymous with leading technology company in cybersecurity in Vietnam. Widely known not only as a top security software manufacturer, Bkav is also a major player in the smartphone and smart electronic device industry, solidifying Vietnam’s tech credibility on the global stage.

Since its inception, Bkav has swiftly emerged as one of the most recognized cybersecurity technology companies in Vietnam, earning acclaim from consumers and reputable organizations alike. Going beyond, Bkav has been honored as one of the top 10 most famous brands in Vietnam, a testament to its dedication and quality across all products and services.

With a far-reaching vision and steadfast mission, Bkav relentlessly endeavors to advance science and technology, contributing to the robust development of the nation and aiming to make Vietnam the “fifth dragon of Asia.” Continuous innovation and the adoption of advanced technologies like AI in smartphone production have helped Bkav make breakthroughs, from introducing the Bphone smartphone with world-leading AI camera technology to detecting vulnerabilities in facial recognition technology, asserting its pioneering position in the industry.

Bkav is not only a technology company with proud achievements but also a source of inspiration for creativity and innovation within the Vietnamese and international tech communities. Every product, every service from Bkav is not just a technological solution but also evidence of the team’s relentless ambition and passion in building a safe, smart, and convenient digital future.

Let’s join toplist.com.co in following and witnessing Bkav’s new strides in its continuous expansion and development journey, contributing to the nation-building and defense through science and technology, reinforcing the position of cybersecurity technology company in Vietnam on the international stage.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://www.bkav.com.vn/
  • Address: HH1 Building – Yen Hoa Urban Area – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi
  • Facebook: BKAV

Intel Corporation: Pioneering Technology in Vietnam and Beyond

Intel Corporation, a globally renowned name in semiconductor manufacturing, stands as an international technology company in Vietnam with a rich history of achievements and significant contributions to the tech industry. Since its inception in 1968 in Santa Clara, California, USA, Intel has continuously evolved, becoming a leading producer of CPUs, motherboards, flash memory, network cards, and various other computer components.

In Vietnam, Intel has expanded with two independent entities, notably Intel Products Vietnam LLC, boasting the largest manufacturing base within Intel’s global network and ranking among the top 10 key manufacturing facilities of the corporation. Situated in Ho Chi Minh City’s High-Tech Park, the factory is not only a pivotal assembly and testing center for critical chipsets but also a testament to the commitment and efforts of this international technology company in Vietnam to invest and develop in this promising market.

Intel Corporation
Intel’s product range encompasses not only CPUs but also motherboard chipsets, network cards, ICs, flash memory, graphic chips, embedded processors, and more. This underscores Intel’s status not only as the world’s largest semiconductor device manufacturer but also as a master innovator in semiconductor technology, ushering in a new era of smart technology and connectivity.

Intel leads the way in researching and developing new technologies, providing products and solutions that serve as the foundation for a smarter, more connected world across various markets. This is evident not only in the quality of its products but also in its relentless innovation, thirst for novelty, and commitment to delivering top-notch technological solutions to global customers.

Intel Vietnam not only contributes to the development of Vietnam’s technology sector but also plays a vital role in the corporation’s global mission. With sustainable investment and development efforts, Intel is not only the leading international technology company in Vietnam but also an inspiration for other tech enterprises, contributing to elevating Vietnam’s position on the global tech map.

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Above are the top 11 largest technology companies in Vietnam. Not only leading in the tech industry, these companies are also pioneers in various fields, contributing to Vietnam’s development and reaching new heights.
Hopefully, this article provides you with an overview of the leading technology companies in Vietnam today. If you find the article informative and interesting, feel free to explore more in the advice section of toplist.com.co for more fascinating insights.

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