19 Beautiful Vietnamese Streams That You Should Explore

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Yến Stream: Where Nature’s Serenity Beckons

Whenever the streams of Vietnam are mentioned, my heart surges with indescribable joy, an overwhelming sense of tranquility. And today, toplist.com.co wishes to delve into Yến Stream with you all, an unmissable destination for nature lovers seeking serenity.

Merely 60 kilometers away from Hanoi, Yến Stream is an inseparable part of the scenic complex of Hương Sơn (Perfume Pagoda), nestled in Mỹ Đức district. It seems that with every step taken here, travelers are blessed with another glimpse of the tranquil and picturesque beauty of the stream, especially enchanting when the wildflowers bloom.

Yến Stream
Particularly, as autumn arrives, around October, Yến Stream becomes even more alluring, bedecked in the splendor of wildflowers. The vibrant red of the blossoms reflects upon the water’s surface, coupled with the ethereal natural scenery, crafting a vivid tapestry that transports one’s soul to an otherworldly realm.

Visiting Yến Stream, one can immerse themselves in a space of tranquility, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an ideal retreat to seek inner peace, to embrace oneself within the embrace of nature.

The Enigmatic Charm of Mọc Stream in Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng

No stranger to avid adventurers, Mọc Stream, nestled near the renowned Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng scenic area, is a mesmerizing destination. Like a precious gemstone, it glimmers amidst the grandeur of nature, offering travelers an unforgettable experience.

Mọc Stream in Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng
The cool, crystal-clear water enveloped by the majestic mountainous landscape, with the tranquil stream meandering below, creates a surreal setting, as if crafted by the hand of Mother Nature herself. The water gracefully trickles through crevices in the rocks, sometimes calm, other times frothing white, painting a vivid, multicolored tableau.

Mọc Stream in Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng
And perhaps what truly sets Mọc Stream apart is the peace and purity it exudes. Amidst the majestic embrace of nature, all worries and weariness seem to be whisked away by the wind, leaving only tranquility to commune with the natural world.

Tiên Stream in Phan Thiết: A Peculiar Marvel

When one thinks of Phan Thiết, the mind often conjures images of pristine azure beaches and fine white sands. Yet, there exists a place so distinct, so uniquely beautiful – Tiên Stream. Unlike any other stream you’ve encountered, Tiên Stream captivates with its reddish-orange waters, a mesmerizing hue born from the fusion of nature and earth.

Tiên Stream in Phan Thiết
Along the banks of this slender watercourse, travelers can leisurely stroll, kicking off their shoes to feel the smooth sand beneath their feet, while the cool water gently caresses their soles. Venture further, approximately 300 meters from the starting point, and you’ll encounter vibrant reddish-orange rock formations against the backdrop of a cerulean sky and a distant beach. Truly, Tiên Stream is a kaleidoscope, a masterpiece of nature waiting for explorers to uncover its secrets.

Bàn Đá Stream on Phu Quoc Island: Where Legends Meet Tranquility

What could be more marvelous than discovering a place dubbed “where nymphs cool off,” right? Bàn Đá Stream, nestled discreetly on Phu Quoc Island, is such a destination. With its large, flat rocks resembling tabletops, Bàn Đá Stream is an ideal check-in spot for nature lovers seeking serenity.

Bàn Rock Stream on Phu Quoc Island
The journey to Bàn Đá Stream is also an exciting experience. From Duong Dong town, you’ll be led through winding trails, across swinging rope bridges or wooden walkways, into the heart of the forest. And then, you’ll immerse yourself in the cool, emerald waters under the cascading waterfall, enjoying moments of relaxation, dispelling all worries.

Vietnam’s stunning streams are not just about picturesque beauty but also expansive chapters inviting our souls to explore and experience.

Cá Thần Stream in Thanh Hóa

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the quest for serene moments amidst nature’s embrace holds a peculiar allure, like a precious elixir soothing our souls, revitalizing our spirits. Amongst these destinations, Vietnam’s stunning streams always stand out, captivating travelers with their majestic, mystical beauty.

Thần Fish Stream in Thanh Hóa
Nestled peacefully at the foot of Trường Sinh mountain, Cá Thần Stream in Cẩm Lương, Thanh Hóa, is a destination everyone should visit at least once. It’s not just an ordinary stream; it’s home to thousands of divine fish with diverse sizes and colors, ranging from 2 to 8 kilograms, with some kingfish reaching up to 30 kilograms. Particularly enchanting is the shimmering light emitted by these fish as they swim, creating an unforgettable, surreal scene in the hearts of visitors.

Despite the dense fish population, the stream’s water remains clear and devoid of any foul odor. In fact, locals even use this water for daily cooking. These fish are considered sacred, bringing luck to those who visit and pray here. Hence, no one dares to catch them; instead, they are cherished and protected like precious treasures.

Tranh Stream: A Hidden Gem on Phu Quoc Island

Continuing our journey through the enchanting streams of Vietnam, we arrive at Tranh Stream, a precious jewel nestled in the heart of Phu Quoc Island. Located approximately 10 kilometers from downtown Duong Dong, Tranh Stream charms visitors with its serene beauty, harmoniously blending lush green mountains with gentle, crystal-clear streams.
Tranh Stream
The stream meanders through rock crevices, creating melodious sounds akin to a serene natural symphony, soothing and pleasant to the ears. Ascending about 300 meters from the stream’s base to its source, one finds a vast expanse where visitors can immerse themselves in cool waters, relishing the freshness and tranquility. Alternatively, simply lounging on the rocks, listening to the melodious songs of birds and the soothing flow of the stream, offers a truly wonderful experience for the soul.

Luống Village Hot Spring in Thanh Hóa

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Luống Village, Thành Minh commune, the Luống Village Hot Spring is not just a destination for relaxation but also a hidden sanctuary of tranquil, rustic beauty. With a stable temperature around 36°C, this natural stream feels like a warm embrace, soothing the body and banishing fatigue.
Luống Village Hot Spring in Thanh Hóa
Despite its distance from the city center and the challenging road to reach it, the secluded, serene ambiance of Luống Village Hot Spring exudes a peculiar allure, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Mỡ Stream in Bắc Giang

Mỡ Stream, nestled in the Huyền Đinh – Yên Tử valley, paints a vivid, colorful portrait of nature. Its winding flow forms numerous waterfalls and natural “bathtubs,” offering travelers unique and delightful experiences.
Mỡ Stream in Bắc Giang
Particularly noteworthy is the stretch of the stream with five cascading waterfalls from Thượng Temple to Trung Temple. Not only is this the most scenic area, but it’s also a convergence of cultural and spiritual values, making Mỡ Stream one of Vietnam’s most beautiful streams, enticing visitors to explore and discover its wonders.

Elephant Stream in Huế

Nestled mysteriously along the road from Đà Nẵng to Huế, Elephant Stream is a precious gem amidst the Thừa Thiên – Huế mountains. The highlight of Elephant Stream is a massive rock formation resembling an elephant with its trunk dipping into the pristine waters, creating a scene both majestic and poetic. The Elephant Pond, with its crystal-clear, refreshing water, serves as an ideal oasis for relaxation and immersion in the serene beauty of nature.
Elephant Stream in Huế
Venturing deeper into the stream, travelers are treated to magnificent mountain vistas, following the glistening flow, immersing themselves in the wonders of nature—a delightful and memorable experience. Elephant Stream is not only one of Vietnam’s streams steeped in poetic charm but also a destination brimming with rich historical and cultural narratives.

Dream Stream in Đà Nẵng

If Elephant Stream is a gentle love song, then Dream Stream is a colorful masterpiece of nature, where every rock and every stream tells a story. The trail leading to the stream is not too challenging, yet each step unveils a world of tranquility, where the sound of flowing water harmonizes with birdsong, creating a serene symphony of nature.
Dream Stream in Đà Nẵng
Dream Stream, with its clear, refreshing water cascading gracefully, is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and explorers. The majestic scenery, lush greenery surrounding the stream, creates a poetic space, evoking feelings of peace and relaxation for anyone who visits.

Tháp Bà Hot Spring in Nha Trang

Nestled peacefully next to the Ponagar Tower complex, Tháp Bà Hot Spring is not only a captivating tourist destination but also a sanctuary for relaxation, where you can unwind your body and soul. With water temperature ranging from 37 to 39 degrees Celsius and enriched with natural minerals, the hot spring not only soothes fatigue but also offers tremendous health benefits.
Tháp Bà Hot Spring in Nha Trang
Here, you can experience a variety of services such as mineral mud baths, steam baths, swimming pools, all within a serene, nature-friendly environment. Tháp Bà Hot Spring is the ideal choice for those seeking a resort getaway, a place to relax after days of intense work.

Trạm Tấu – Hot Spring in Yen Bai

In contrast to the relaxing beauty of Tháp Bà Spring, Trạm Tấu Hot Spring in Yen Bai captivates with its rugged, majestic natural landscape, surrounded by towering mountains. The mineral water source from the depths of the earth is both pure and rich in valuable minerals, providing a wonderfully relaxing sensation when soaking.
Trạm Tấu - Hot Spring in Yen Bai
At Trạm Tấu, you’re not just relaxing in the cool mineral water, but also experiencing life amidst nature with Bungalow-style accommodations, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and savoring the local specialties of the highlands. Trạm Tấu Hot Spring is an unmissable destination for dreamy souls, nature lovers, and those eager to explore the pristine beauty of Vietnamese springs.

Exploring the hot springs in Vietnam like Tháp Bà and Trạm Tấu is not just about seeking relaxation and rejuvenation but also an opportunity to get closer to nature, to feel the grand and romantic beauty bestowed upon our country by Mother Nature. Let these journeys become memorable chapters in the book of your life, where each experience is a precious part of the exploration and love.

Ô Đá Spring

In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes our souls yearn to return to moments of tranquility, where only the sound of flowing water and the breath of nature exist. Ô Đá Spring and Otuksa Spring, two marvelous streams hidden within the pristine beauty of An Giang province, unveil a dreamy journey to explore the enchanting springs of Vietnam, where each of us can rediscover inner peace.
Ô Đá Spring
Nestled amidst the forests of An Giang, Ô Đá Spring is an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking tranquility. The stream meanders through rocky crevices, painting a colorful picture of nature with its emerald waters. Especially during the rainy season, Ô Đá Spring becomes even more majestic, with water cascading down from the mountain peaks, creating a dreamy and alluring landscape.

Otuksa Spring

Otuksa Spring, another stunning stream in An Giang, is an unmissable destination for dreamy souls. Flowing from Thuy Liem Cave to the summit of Thien Cam Son, Otuksa Spring stretches long, passing through Otuksa Lake, creating picturesque waterfalls. This place has become an ideal check-in spot for many young people, not only because of its pristine, majestic beauty but also because of the dreamy, peaceful ambiance that the spring brings.
Otuksa Spring
Exploring dreamy Vietnamese springs like Ô Đá Spring and Otuksa Spring is a journey back to ourselves, an opportunity to admire and feel the delicate, cozy beauty bestowed by nature. Every step, every breath here is not just an exploration of a destination but also a discovery of oneself, of the tranquility and simple happiness.

Nam Cang and Nam Pá Springs in Lào Cai

Nestled in the village of Nam Cang, Sapa, Nam Cang and Nam Pá Springs are fantastic streams that offer travelers the chance to experience trekking alongside clear water, exploring the majestic mountains and forests. Known for their significance as “the source of water,” Nam Cang provides valuable clean water to the community and the surrounding fields throughout the year.
Nam Cang and Nam Pá Springs in Lào Cai
Every step along the stream’s edge is a new discovery, from winding rock crevices to the cool spaces bestowed by nature. This is the ideal destination for those who are passionate about adventure and adore dreamy natural landscapes.

Mường Hoa Stream

Stretching 15km through the Mường Hoa Valley, Mường Hoa Stream winds like a giant serpent alongside lush terraced fields, creating a colorful natural masterpiece. When the rice ripens, this painting becomes even more mystical and captivating, with its reflection shimmering in the clear water below.

Mường Hoa Stream is not just the main stream but also a convergence point for 22 smaller tributaries, bringing diversity to the region’s ecosystem. The suspension bridge crossing the stream serves not only as a means of transportation but also as a charming focal point, inviting travelers to experience and enjoy the soothing melodies of nature.

Nam Chan Stream

Nam Chan Stream, a precious gem hidden amidst the lush forests and stunning terraced fields of Yen Bai, is a dream destination for those who cherish tranquility and natural beauty.
Suối Nậm Chắn
The stream meanders through rocky crevices, carrying the soothing sounds of flowing water, the gentle whispers of the breeze, and the melodious songs of birds, composing a symphony of nature. During the rainy season, as water cascades down from the mountain peaks, Nam Chan Stream transforms into a majestic masterpiece of nature, breathtakingly beautiful.

Long Dau Stream

Nestled deep within Lạng Sơn Province, Long Dau Stream stretches 10km, adorned with rugged cascades, narrow gorges, and steep slopes. Alongside the stream, smooth boulders and glossy rocks create a captivating landscape.
Suối Long Đầu
At the foot of the waterfall, where the area widens, is the perfect spot for leisurely swimming, immersing oneself in nature’s embrace. This place emerges as an ideal destination for weekend getaways, where you can revel in the pristine, refreshing ambiance of the mountains.

Lê Nin Stream – Cao Bằng

Lê Nin Stream, hailed as the verdant heart of Pac Bo Mountain, resembles a smooth silk ribbon winding through the cliffs, creating a mystical, dreamy beauty. The unique green color of the stream makes it the most beautiful stream in Vietnam in the eyes of many.
Suối Lê Nin - Cao Bằng
The crystal-clear stream allows you to see the fish swimming gracefully beneath the water’s surface. What’s special about Lê Nin Stream is its tranquility, a space of serenity where you can fully sense the breath of nature.

Above are the top 19 most beautiful streams in Vietnam for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty bestowed by Mother Nature. If you want to discover more fantastic destinations, feel free to explore our travel section.

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