Ninh Thuan Beach is Beautiful and Notes When Traveling to Ninh Thuan

If we talk about anywhere in Vietnam that has beautiful beaches with soft, curving white sand strips, Ninh Thuan is one of the top choices for you. Follow to discover beautiful Ninh Thuan beaches as well as preserve the most pristine features that you should explore at least once. Along with that are a few notes to help you make your beach trip in Ninh Thuan more complete and enjoyable.

Cà Ná Beach: A Marvel of Ninh Thuận’s Coastal Beauty

When the pristine shores of Ninh Thuận are whispered about, one can’t help but surrender to a wave of emotions reserved exclusively for the magnificent Cà Ná Beach. This enchanting coastal haven, nestled along Ninh Thuận’s coastline, is a tapestry of mesmerizing elements – from the endlessly smooth sandy shores to the gentle caress of the sea’s lapping waves. Yet, its allure extends far beyond the surface, with a treasure trove of captivating cultural narratives concealed within.

Ninh Thuận Beach - Cà Ná

Situated just off National Highway 1A, a mere 30 kilometers south of Phan Rang’s town center, Cà Ná Beach is a harmonious blend of azure skies, gentle tidal rhythms, and limestone mountain ranges blanketed in verdant foliage. As the golden sun reigns supreme in the scorching atmosphere, Cà Ná Beach transforms into a radiant spectacle, enriched by the unique Chăm pa cultural heritage – a heritage that has been intricately intertwined with Ninh Thuận’s coastline for centuries.

Ninh Thuận Beach - Cà Ná

Standing upon the sands of Cà Ná Beach, your gaze will undoubtedly be drawn to Lao Island – a petite islet nestled amidst the vast expanse of the ocean. This island is not only a sanctuary for numerous seabird species but also shrouded in legend, featuring the mythical tales of the Tiên Well and the Seven-Headed Dragon Cave. It serves as a captivating focal point, enticing every traveler who ventures to Ninh Thuận to delve into the rich history that this coastal gem conceals.

Ninh Thuận Beach - Cà Ná

In a world where nature’s poetry and history’s whispers intertwine, Cà Ná Beach beckons explorers with open arms. It’s a realm where the relentless waves of the sea compose their symphony, where cultural tales echo through the rustling leaves, and where the enchantment of Ninh Thuận’s coastal beauty leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who wander its shores.

Bãi Rạng: A Luminous Jewel Amidst Ninh Thuận’s Beauty

When discussing the stunning and awe-inspiring beaches of Ninh Thuận, one cannot help but mention Bãi Rạng – a radiant gem nestled in the heart of Bình Thuận province. Beyond its soft, velvety sands, Bãi Rạng is renowned for its extensive coral reefs lining the shoreline. It is precisely this feature that lends the beach its emotionally charged and impressive name.

Ninh Thuận's Bãi Rạng Beach

Though a mere 15 kilometers north of the bustling city center of Phan Thiết, Ninh Thuận, Bãi Rạng seems to unveil a world of its own. With every step on its supple sands, it imparts a sense of serenity and inexplicable tranquility, despite its proximity to the vibrant city center. The Ninh Thuận Sea here unveils itself like a masterpiece, with deep azure hues and glistening sands illuminated by the radiant sun.

Ninh Thuận's Bãi Rạng Beach

Each morning, Bãi Rạng springs to life in a way unlike any other, as fishermen return from the open sea with overflowing baskets of fresh catches. This spectacle is not only a source of local pride but also a captivating experience cherished by travelers. The moment of hauling in the catch, shared with the coastal residents, is an indelible memory etched in the hearts of all who partake.

Ninh Thuận's Bãi Rạng Beach

What could be more sublime than embarking on a short stroll from Bãi Rạng, ascending mystical sand dunes – an emblem of Bình Thuận’s culture and nature? Exploring, experiencing, and embracing each moment at Bãi Rạng will undoubtedly become a cherished memory in the tapestry of your journey.

Ninh Thuận’s Enigmatic Coastal Wonder: Cổ Thạch Beach

When you venture into the heart of Ninh Thuận, there’s an absolute must-see that beckons with a secret brimming with vivid hues – Cổ Thạch Beach. Cổ Thạch is renowned for its extraordinary blend of rocks and sands, a stark departure from the typical image of Ninh Thuận’s beaches. Here, nature has bestowed upon Cổ Thạch a marvel like no other – a kaleidoscope of rocks in seven distinct shades, each with its own unique contours. It’s nothing short of a natural wonder, captivating the hearts of countless travelers who come here to bask in the vibrancy of this coastal haven.

Ninh Thuận's Cổ Thạch Beach

To reach Cổ Thạch, you have two enticing options: one is to journey from Phan Thiết, following the National Highway 1, while the other takes you from Mũi Né, looping back onto National Highway 1 at Lương Sơn. Both routes offer picturesque landscapes that will leave you spellbound, showcasing the natural beauty that Ninh Thuận possesses. From the sprawling sand dunes to the refreshing blue coastline juxtaposed against the backdrop of the seven-colored rocks.

Ninh Thuận's Cổ Thạch Beach

Vietnam’s Record Book Center has recognized Cổ Thạch Beach with the title of “Vietnam’s Most Beautifully Shaped and Colored Rock Beach.” Beneath the azure skies of Ninh Thuận, Cổ Thạch’s rocky expanse glistens like a collection of vibrant gemstones, molded over millennia by the caress of the tides. Particularly enchanting is the month of March when lush green moss blankets each stone, crafting a romantic and poetic tableau found nowhere else but at Cổ Thạch’s Seven-Colored Rock Beach in Bình Thuận.

Cam Bình Beach – LaGi: Nature’s Gem in Ninh Thuận

Nestled along National Highway 55, Cam Bình – LaGi Beach is akin to a precious gem in the heart of Ninh Thuận. When you set foot in Cam Bình village, Tân Phước commune, LaGi Town, Bình Thuận Province, emotions surge as you immerse yourself in the serene and untouched beauty that Cam Bình has to offer. Approximately 160 kilometers from Saigon, Cam Bình Beach unveils a dreamlike, tranquil expanse that beckons travelers, especially during holidays and summer getaways.

Ninh Thuận's Cam Bình Beach

Ninh Thuận’s Cam Bình Beach stretches out like a mesmerizing landscape painting: Soft, white sands gracefully curve like a ribbon of silk. This is complemented by crystalline waters akin to precious gems, with gentle breezes rustling through lush, emerald palm trees, composing a symphony of nature that enchants all who behold it.

Ninh Thuận's Cam Bình Beach

Yet, Cam Bình Beach isn’t confined to picturesque natural scenery alone. Here, you can indulge in the unique seafood delicacies brought in by local fishermen after dreamy fishing expeditions. You can also gather your own seashells, gather around a beachside fire, and savor the rich, ocean-infused flavors. Furthermore, Cam Bình Beach serves as an ideal destination for photography enthusiasts, allowing them to capture the beautiful moments within the heart of Ninh Thuận’s seascape.

Hòn Rơm Beach in Ninh Bình: Nature’s Enchanted Haven

When we mention Ninh Thuận’s beaches, we mustn’t overlook a spot of pure romance and enchantment down to the last millimeter – Hòn Rơm. It’s not just one of the beautiful beaches in Bình Thuận; it’s a place that holds the mystical moments where nature dances with the twilight. A place where all the noise of the outside world seems to freeze, leaving only the gentle rustle of waves and the glistening embrace of the golden sun.

Hòn Rơm Beach

Nestled amidst Long Sơn Hamlet, Mũi Né Ward, Phan Thiết City, Hòn Rơm is a natural gem, a petite mountain that nature has graced with its wild and unpretentious beauty. The sea here boasts crystalline waters, gently caressing the pristine white sands, without a submerged rock in sight to interrupt the harmony. Every dreamy morning, you can witness the gentle sunrise over the sea. Come evening, Ninh Thuận’s sea with Hòn Rơm transforms into a breathtaking canvas of twilight. And as night falls and the moon rises, having a beachfront bonfire under the starry sky is an experience beyond compare.

Hòn Rơm Beach

Hòn Rơm isn’t just one; it hides multiple beach areas like Hòn Rơm 1, Hòn Rơm 2, Thùy Trang, and more. Each place holds its unique, mysterious, and captivating charm, mesmerizing hearts and making everyone want to return, leaving behind a bit of love and unforgettable memories.

Sơn Mỹ Beach: A Shining Gem Amidst Ninh Thuận

In stark contrast to the serene and tranquil untouched beaches, Sơn Mỹ Beach shines like a dazzling beacon amidst the heart of Ninh Thuận. It’s a place where laughter, joy, and vibrant music reverberate from dawn till dusk.

Sơn Mỹ Beach

Here, you’ll find yourself immersed in a space reminiscent of a Hawaiian resort – where radiant golden sun embraces silky sands, and beneath it, crystal-clear waters with gentle waves gently ebb and flow. Beyond the awe-inspiring natural panorama, Sơn Mỹ is an entertainment haven for adventurous and lively souls.

Sơn Mỹ Beach

Stepping foot here, you’ll experience unforgettable moments, from camping by the beach to engaging in thrilling water sports and gathering with friends for seafood-infused BBQ feasts that fill the air with tantalizing aromas. Sơn Mỹ Beach is not just a place for vibrant celebrations but also a spot for building connections and crafting beautiful memories amidst the seas of Ninh Thuận.

Sơn Mỹ Beach

Thuận Quý Beach: A Hidden Gem in Ninh Thuận

Located a tranquil 30 kilometers away from the bustling city of Phan Thiết, Thuận Quý Beach lies within Hàm Thuận Nam district, known for its serenity and simplicity. Thanks to this, Thuận Quý emerges as a precious gem amidst the vast ocean.

Thuận Quý Beach

In stark contrast to the urbanized beaches of Mũi Né, Thuận Quý retains the charm of a tranquil countryside painting, irresistibly endearing to the soul. This beach in the heart of Ninh Thuận is a delicate fusion of ivory-colored, velvety sands embracing gentle waves, and an array of wondrous rock formations, resembling nature’s artistic masterpieces.

Stepping onto the pristine white sands under the vivid blue sky, with the vast expanse of the ocean before you, is an indescribable moment of serenity and tranquility. In front lies the deep blue sea, behind, a peaceful footpath adorned by the shadows of swaying palm trees and lush dragon fruit orchards. Everything harmonizes to create a magnificent and enchanting painting.

Thuận Quý Beach

Thuận Quý Beach isn’t just a tourist spot; it’s a place to cherish moments of serenity and experience the wonders bestowed by nature. In this unassuming space lies an irresistible charm that leaves a lasting impression on every traveler fortunate enough to visit.

Vinh Hy Bay: Nature’s Majestic Jewel

Nestled like a “precious gem” amidst the vast expanse of azure waters, Vinh Hy proudly showcases its pristine and grandiose beauty, an unparalleled spectacle that few places can rival.

Vinh Hy Bay

Located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, just approximately 42 kilometers from the heart of Phan Rang, it may not be a great distance, but it certainly creates a mesmerizing world of its own. Vinh Hy Bay doesn’t only boast pristine, velvety white sandy shores but also harbors the natural wonders of Ninh Thuận’s seas.

Vinh Hy Bay

As you set sail into the bay, each breath fills with the briny scent of the sea. Diving deep beneath the waves, you’ll immerse yourself in a world of vibrant coral, swimming alongside beautiful and vivid schools of fish. After these adventurous moments, indulge in the delightful flavors of fresh seafood, a gift from the bountiful waters of Ninh Thuận.

Vinh Hy Bay

If you ever get the chance to gaze upon the bay from above, you’ll witness Vinh Hy Bay as a vibrant canvas of nature, where every detail, from the stretch of pristine white sands to the tiny fishing boats of the local fishermen, the sound of the waves, and the rustling of palm trees, all blend harmoniously to compose a perfect ode to nature.

Kê Gà Beach: Where Beauty Meets Mystery

While Phan Thiet’s beaches shimmer with golden sunlight, smooth white sands embrace the azure waves, the Kê Gà Cape of Ninh Thuan’s coast boasts a unique charm with its enigmatic rock formations, rising majestically from the heart of the sea, crafting a picturesque and mysterious scene. Locals proudly call this place “Mũi Kê Gà,” while entranced travelers simply refer to it as “Kê Gà Beach.” It’s not just a beach; it’s a land of rugged beauty, endearing and unforgettable.

Kê Gà Beach

Visiting Mũi Kê Gà, you don’t just gaze at the blue sea and unique rock formations; you also have the chance to touch the ancient lighthouse, standing proudly amidst the vast sea and sky, like a grand symbol of history and culture. Designed by brilliant French engineers, this lighthouse shines brightly in the middle of Ninh Thuan’s sea, proudly holding the title of one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Kê Gà Beach

To fully experience the beauty of Mũi Kê Gà and the Mũi Điện lighthouse, timing is crucial. Arrive before 5 PM to not miss the chance for a canoe trip to Mũi Điện. And don’t forget to choose the late afternoon, as the sun gradually sets beyond the horizon, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking moment of sunset when the sun and the Ninh Thuan sea blend into a perfect symphony of nature.

Ninh Chữ Beach: Vietnam’s Shimmering Gem

Described as a precious gem cradled by the arms of the sea, Ninh Chữ shines brightly among the top 9 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Its impression is deeply etched with its expansive white sandy shores, the crystal-clear, endless sea, and a captivating, crescent-shaped landscape that truly bewitches the heart.

Ninh Chữ Beach

Beyond being a unique masterpiece of nature, Ninh Chữ Beach is a place intertwined with joyous activities, exploration, and emotional connections. Here, you can immerse yourself in refreshing waters, glide across the water’s surface on a surfboard, or even try your hand at fishing beneath the sea-kissed sky.

Ninh Chữ Beach

Freedom and serenity are the prevailing sensations when you choose to camp right on the beach. In the midst of the night under the gleaming moonlight, nothing beats gathering with friends around a campfire, savoring exquisite grilled seafood, and losing yourself in the sparkling cosmos above.

But it doesn’t stop there. Surrounding the beach is a lush, emerald jungle, accompanied by verdant rice fields that emit a fragrance that enchants the soul. The beaches of Ninh Thuan, and especially Ninh Chữ, are bound to be an unforgettable experience for anyone fortunate enough to set foot here. It can be affirmed that, along with Quang Ninh Beach and Vung Tau Beach, this is one of the very few beaches that leaves a deep and lasting impression on travelers.

Ninh Thuan’s Enigmatic Coastal Marvel: Gành Son

Immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of nature and the vast sea at Gành Son, nestled in the Chí Công commune of Tuy Phong district. It appears to be a tranquil and mystical ode bestowed upon Bình Thuận by Mother Nature herself. Located just 70 km from Phan Thiết, Gành Son holds an undiscovered beauty, concealed behind its unique ochre-hued rocky hills, adding an extra layer of allure to Ninh Thuận’s coastal charm.

Gành Son Phan Thiết - Tuyệt Tác Thiên Nhiên Bình Thuận

Embarking on a coastal journey from Cổ Thạch, a mere 5 km further will unveil the paradise that is Gành Son. Before your eyes, the ochre-hued rocky hills will captivate your senses, perhaps lending their endearing name to this enchanting place. Each rock formation, every coastal crag, seems to harbor mysterious and enigmatic shapes, as if narrating a tale of the past. Under the masterful touch of nature, the red-tinged rock formations appear meticulously sculpted and exquisitely vivid. The winding, meandering caves exhibit the grandeur and timelessness of their existence.

Gành Son Phan Thiết - Tuyệt Tác Thiên Nhiên Bình Thuận

Imagine yourself standing atop a rocky peak at Gành Son, beneath the azure skies of Ninh Thuận. Witness the characteristic red hues of the rocks blending with the gentle blues of the vast sea, painting a vivid and bewitching masterpiece. Gành Son, with its mystical and unspoiled beauty, undoubtedly becomes a destination that ensnares and beckons every traveler venturing to the shores of Ninh Thuận.

Bình Tiên Beach: A Journey to Untamed Beauty

Situated less than 30 km away from the bustling heart of Phan Rang – Tháp Chàm city, Bình Tiên Beach welcomes you on an exciting journey through winding mountain passes that challenge every step of your way. The road to Bình Tiên Beach paints a magnificent portrait of nature, echoing with the melodious babble of streams and gentle shade from the lush greenery. What makes Bình Tiên truly unique is the untouched and pristine beauty gifted by nature, meticulously preserved by human hands, creating an unparalleled destination in the realm of Ninh Thuận’s shores.

Bãi biển Bình Tiên

Picture a weekend day where you wander along the fine, powdery white sands, or perhaps simply choose a stretch of rocky shore extending into the sea to lose yourself in the serene atmosphere. Gaze upon the harmonious union of sky and sea, listening to the gentle lullaby of the waves caressing the beach.

Bãi biển Bình Tiên

As nightfall descends, Bình Tiên unveils another captivating facet. Envision yourself setting up camp on the beach, under a star-studded sky, savoring the symphony of the open sea and relishing the joy of squid and fish catching under the moonlight. Come the early morning, with dew still glistening on the leaves, you’ll be greeted by the first rays of sun gently gracing the ocean’s surface, crafting a grand and heartwarming masterpiece of nature. Exploring Bình Tiên, you’re guaranteed to create unforgettable memories on the shores of Ninh Thuận.

Mũi Né: Where Nature and Culinary Delights Converge

Mũi Né is not just renowned for its azure sea and pristine white sands; it also harbors a unique blend of culinary treasures and warm hospitality from its locals. The winding roads shaded by coconut palms, the luxurious resorts nestled amidst nature – these are endless sources of inspiration for those who have an artistic soul and a love for the outdoors.

Bãi biển Mũi Né

Every step, every moment in Mũi Né is a unique experience. The best time to immerse yourself in the pure essence of Mũi Né is from April to August. During this period, Mũi Né boasts crystal-clear, refreshing seawater. In the latter months of the year, Mũi Né’s sea comes alive with robust waves, beckoning adventure seekers and windsurfing enthusiasts.

Bãi biển Mũi Né

Speaking of Mũi Né without mentioning the Sand Dunes would be a disservice. The sand dunes in Mũi Né resemble a miniature Sahara Desert, leaving many travelers in awe and wonder. And do not forget to visit the Mũi Né Stream, where pristine beauty meets graceful white storks in flight, creating a picturesque scene that captivates the heart. Every corner of Mũi Né holds its unique charm, awaiting your exploration.

Mũi Dinh: Where Heaven and Sea Embrace

When the mention of Ninh Thuan’s coastline arises, many travelers can’t help but reminisce about Mũi Dinh. This place, where the sky and sea meet, creates a picturesque and romantic vista. Along the DT701 route, you’ll be captivated by the gently swaying sand dunes, enchanted by the rhythmic ocean waves. The sea at Mũi Dinh exudes tranquility and gentleness, with its crystal-clear waters casting a mesmerizing shade of emerald.

Bãi biển Mũi Dinh

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a test of mettle, don’t miss the chance to conquer the Mũi Dinh lighthouse. Despite the challenging journey, the pinnacle of this conquest holds wonders untold. Standing atop the towering lighthouse, you’ll be immersed in the vastness of Ninh Thuan’s sea, beholding nature’s majestic tapestry.

Bãi biển Mũi Dinh

From afar, the rocky outcrops of Chồng Islet appear like gems on a canvas of blue sea. As you savor the taste of the salty sea breeze, you’ll find that all weariness and worries seem to vanish. What remains is the harmonious symphony between the sky and sea, blending with your soul amidst the grandeur of nature.

Bãi Chuối Beach: Nature’s Hidden Gem

Bãi Chuối emerges like a precious gem amidst the vast wilderness, a place that retains its pristine and untouched beauty bestowed by nature. Ninh Thuan’s land is scorched and arid, yet it conceals magnificent wonders, and among them is Bãi Chuối. The deep blue sea, complemented by the smooth, white sands, paints a majestic masterpiece of nature that is nothing short of breathtaking.

biển Bãi Chuối

Bãi Chuối, a lesser-known destination, remains relatively untouched by human influence, preserving its tranquility and simplicity. Here, you’ll sense an incredibly spacious environment, in stark contrast to the noise and bustle of modern life.

biển Bãi Chuối

Those who venture here are passionate explorers, seekers of serenity, and enthusiasts yearning to experience Ninh Thuan’s sea in its purest and most unspoiled form. Bãi Chuối is an unmissable haven for those reconnecting with nature and themselves.

Bãi Bình Châu: A Pristine Paradise

The heart of Ninh Thuan’s coast harbors numerous romantic getaways, and among them, Bãi Bình Châu shines like an uncut gem, awaiting perfection. While not overly famous, it possesses a wild, distinctive beauty. What sets this place apart is not just its vast stretch of beach but the mystical union of artistic rock formations amidst the deep blue sea.

Bãi Bình Châu

Despite being relatively unknown to the masses, Bình Châu serves as a haven for avid explorers and those who cherish serene spaces, seeking respite from the noise and bustle of urban life.

Bãi Bình Châu

Visitors to this beach can immerse themselves in the crystal-clear waters, relishing moments of play beneath the azure sky and sea. It’s also a perfect spot for capturing enchanting photos amidst the grandeur of nature. Bãi Bình Châu undoubtedly offers an unforgettable experience for every Ninh Thuan coastal adventurer.

First-Time Beachgoer’s Guide to Ninh Thuan

When Is the Best Time to Visit Ninh Thuan’s Beaches?

Ninh Thuan, a majestic land nestled amidst a tropical monsoon climate. Endowed by nature with its dry, scorching heat, golden sunshine, and gentle breezes. The natural landscapes here vividly reflect the changing of seasons, with the rainy season from September to November and the dry season spanning from December to August of the following year.

For those who yearn to experience the beauty of Ninh Thuan’s coastline, the period from April to August is ideal. The clear skies, tranquil seas, and stable weather will provide you with a complete holiday experience, allowing you to explore the gentle and majestic beauty of Ninh Thuan’s shores.

cung đường phượt du lịch biển ninh thuận 1

Ninh Thuan is not just about its beaches; it also bears the deep cultural imprint of the Champa people. When you visit Ninh Thuan, you have the opportunity to participate in the Ka Tê festival, an essential part of Cham culture. Celebrated from the 1st to the 7th day (according to the Cham calendar), this festival will help you gain a deeper understanding of the distinctive features and cultural traditions of the Cham community.

Choosing Your Mode of Transportation to Ninh Thuan’s Beaches:

  • Motorcycle: For adventure enthusiasts and those who love the thrill of riding, a motorcycle journey to Ninh Thuan’s beaches is a perfect choice. You’ll experience breathtaking landscapes, with vast seas on one side and majestic mountain ranges on the other.
  • Flight: For travelers looking to save time, flying to Cam Ranh Airport and then combining a trip to Ninh Thuan and Cam Ranh is the perfect combination.
  • Bus: There are many bus routes to Ninh Thuan, making it easy for travelers to choose. After arriving at Phan Rang Bus Station, you can continue your journey by taxi or motorbike taxi to explore and enjoy the best of Ninh Thuan’s beaches.

cung đường phượt du lịch biển ninh thuận 1

How to Get to Ninh Thuan’s Beaches?

The journey to Ninh Thuan’s beaches is relatively straightforward, offering various transportation options to suit your preferences:

Traveling to Ninh Thuan’s beaches by motorcycle: This is a low-cost and highly exciting way to explore Ninh Thuan’s beaches. Motorcycle enthusiasts can ride along the coastal roads with fewer trucks and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea on one side and majestic hills on the other.

Visiting Ninh Thuan’s beaches by plane: Ninh Thuan’s proximity to Cam Ranh Airport allows you to combine a trip to Ninh Thuan with exploring Cam Ranh effortlessly.

Using bus transportation: Travelers from different regions can easily catch buses to Ninh Thuan, with many routes available. After arriving at Phan Rang Bus Station, you can continue your journey by taxi or motorbike taxi to explore and enjoy the best of Ninh Thuan’s beaches.

Travel Tips for Ninh Thuan’s Beaches

After immersing yourself in the grandeur and tranquility of Ninh Thuan’s natural beauty, you’ll likely want to take home some souvenirs from this region. Particularly, delicate souvenirs crafted from shells and seashells are a perfect choice to preserve your enduring memories. Additionally, Ninh Thuan’s plains are renowned for delicious fruits, so don’t forget to try and select special products like dried fruits or unique local wines.

However, when exploring Ninh Thuan’s beaches, thorough preparation is essential. With its hot, arid climate and intense sunshine, bringing a hat, sunscreen, and lightweight clothing will not only protect your skin from the weather but also make you more comfortable during relaxation.

To fully experience Ninh Thuan’s beaches, choose the ideal time, stay updated on weather forecasts, and savor serene moments under the sky and beside the clear blue waves.

And, of course, when you set foot in Ninh Thuan, you’ll undoubtedly be captivated by the rich local cuisine. The traditional dishes of this region can easily be found on the streets. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from hotel staff or ask locals for recommendations to savor all the distinctive flavors of Ninh Thuan.

Above are the top 20 most beautiful beaches in Ninh Thuan that we have compiled. We hope that with these 20 stunning beaches in Ninh Thuan, you will find the perfect place for relaxation and the best vacation experience for yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, you can also support us by visiting the Travel category to explore more exciting travel destinations in Vietnam.

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