The 2023 Guide to the Best MacBook Bags: Protect Your Laptop and Look Stylish

If you’re an Apple lover and a proud owner of a MacBook, finding the perfect bag to protect and carry your device is essential. Not only should the bag provide excellent protection for your MacBook but it should also exude style and sophistication. To help you in your search for the ultimate MacBook bag, we have compiled a list of the top 10 bags that offer both style and protection.

selection of macbook bags in different styles and colors

1. Apple Leather Sleeve

The Apple Leather Sleeve is a luxurious option that offers sleek and minimalistic design. Crafted from high-quality European leather, this sleeve provides a snug fit for your MacBook and protects it from scratches and bumps. The soft microfiber lining ensures your device remains scratch-free and the slim profile allows for easy transportation.

2. Incase ICON Backpack

For those looking for a stylish and functional backpack, the Incase ICON Backpack is the perfect choice. With its durable 840D nylon construction and padded laptop compartment, this backpack offers superior protection for your MacBook. It also features multiple pockets and compartments to keep your accessories organized and easily accessible.

3. Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger Bag

The Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger Bag combines style and functionality. Made from durable polyester, this bag features a padded and fleece-lined laptop compartment that can accommodate up to a 15-inch MacBook. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfort during your commute, while the multiple interior and exterior pockets provide ample storage space.

4. Thule Paramount 24L Daypack

If you’re someone who prioritizes durability and protection, the Thule Paramount 24L Daypack is an excellent choice. This rugged backpack is crafted from water-resistant nylon and features a padded SafeZone compartment for your MacBook. With its spacious interior and organizational pockets, this bag is perfect for both daily commuting and outdoor adventures.

5. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a versatile and stylish option for MacBook users. Designed with photographers in mind, this backpack offers customizable dividers and dedicated pockets for your MacBook and other accessories. The weatherproof construction and comfortable straps make this bag suitable for any adventure.

6. Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve

If you prefer a sleeve-style MacBook bag, the Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve is an excellent choice. This sleeve is made from durable and spill-resistant material and features a soft interior to protect your MacBook from scratches. The additional storage pocket is perfect for carrying small accessories.

7. Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

The Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag combines style and functionality. Made from durable nylon, this bag features a TSA-compliant laptop compartment and a separate compartment for your iPad. The adjustable shoulder strap and grab handles ensure comfortable carrying options, while the waterproof TPU flap keeps your MacBook safe from the elements.

8. Bellroy Laptop Brief

For those who prefer a more professional and sleek look, the Bellroy Laptop Brief is an excellent choice. This slim and minimalist bag features a padded laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15-inch MacBook. The internal pockets and organization panels keep your accessories in place, while the water-resistant fabric protects your MacBook from the elements.

9. Tumi Alpha 3 Compact Laptop Brief Pack

The Tumi Alpha 3 Compact Laptop Brief Pack offers the perfect combination of style and functionality. This backpack features a padded laptop compartment, multiple organizational pockets, and a pass-through sleeve for easy attachment to your luggage. The durable ballistic nylon construction ensures longevity, making it an excellent investment.

10. Knomo Brompton Classic Amesbury Full Leather Tote

For those who prefer a more sophisticated and elegant look, the Knomo Brompton Classic Amesbury Full Leather Tote is the perfect choice. This luxurious tote is crafted from full-grain leather and features a padded laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15-inch MacBook. The multiple interior pockets and detachable shoulder strap make this bag both practical and stylish.

When it comes to finding the best MacBook bag, it’s important to consider both style and protection. With our curated list of the top 10 bags, you can find the perfect bag that not only keeps your MacBook safe but also adds a touch of style to your daily commute or travel adventures.


Q1: What should I consider when choosing a MacBook bag?

A1: When choosing a MacBook bag, consider factors such as protection, style, functionality, and durability. Ensure that the bag offers adequate padding and compartments to keep your MacBook and accessories secure.

Q2: Can I use any bag as a MacBook bag?

A2: While you can technically use any bag to carry your MacBook, it’s recommended to invest in a bag specifically designed for laptops. These bags provide extra protection and features tailored for MacBook users.

Q3: How do I determine the size of MacBook bag I need?

A3: To determine the size of MacBook bag you need, measure the dimensions of your MacBook and compare it to the bag’s laptop compartment dimensions. Ensure that there is sufficient space and padding to accommodate your MacBook.

Q4: Are MacBook bags waterproof?

A4: Not all MacBook bags are waterproof. It’s important to check the bag’s specifications and materials to determine if it offers water resistance or waterproof capabilities. This is especially important if you plan to use the bag in rainy or humid conditions.

Q5: Can I fit accessories in a MacBook bag?

A5: Most MacBook bags offer additional compartments and pockets for accessories such as chargers, cables, and mice. Ensure that the bag has sufficient storage space and organizational features to accommodate your specific needs.

Q6: Are backpacks or messenger bags better for carrying a MacBook?

A6: The choice between backpacks and messenger bags ultimately depends on personal preference and usage. Backpacks evenly distribute weight on both shoulders, making them more comfortable for longer commutes. Messenger bags offer quick access to your MacBook and accessories.

Q7: Can I use a MacBook bag for other laptops?

A7: While MacBook bags are designed specifically for Apple laptops, many of them can accommodate other laptops with similar dimensions. Ensure that the bag’s laptop compartment is compatible with your specific laptop model.

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