20 Best Hospitals in Can Tho and Binh Duong

Health can be considered a priceless gift that anyone wants to have. Therefore, regular health check-ups will help you prevent diseases early. From there, you can maintain a long-term health foundation. Join toplist.com.co to discover the 20 best hospitals in Can Tho and Binh Duong.

Discover the Top 9 Hospitals in Binh Duong

Binh Duong General Hospital

Step into the realm of history, where the echoes of French colonialism from the year 1890 still resonate. Welcome to the captivating world of Binh Duong General Hospital, formerly known as Phu Cuong Infirmary, a medical institution that has weathered the tides of time to emerge as one of the finest hospitals in Binh Duong today. From its humble beginnings, this hospital has ceaselessly evolved and expanded, now proudly standing as a Grade I general hospital boasting a colossal 1,500 hospital beds, solidifying its stature as the premier healthcare hub in Binh Duong province.
Binh Duong General Hospital
Here, a legion of dedicated medical professionals, comprising over 933 staff members and 205 highly skilled doctors, both locally and internationally trained, is always ready to deliver the most compassionate and proficient healthcare services. With its state-of-the-art facilities, modern medical equipment, and an unwavering commitment to service excellence, Binh Duong General Hospital stands tall as a trustworthy sanctuary for the province’s residents and beyond.

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Embark on a Health Odyssey at BecaMex BIH International Hospital

In the constellation of Binh Duong’s finest hospitals, one luminary shines brightly – BecaMex BIH International Hospital. Sprawling across a majestic expanse of 12.76 hectares, this medical marvel officially opened its doors on December 30, 2016, swiftly ascending to the pinnacle of high-quality healthcare, serving the Binh Duong community and its neighboring regions.
BecaMex BIH International Hospital
With a colossal capacity of 1,200 hospital beds and Phase One encompassing 300 inpatient beds alongside 45 specialized outpatient examination rooms, BecaMex BIH International Hospital assures comprehensive healthcare services tailored to meet every patient’s needs. Pioneering a patient-centric approach, every visitor to BecaMex BIH is embraced with holistic care, respect, and affection, all within a modern and amiable environment.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://bih.vn/
  • Facebook: BecaMex
  • Hotline: (0274) 3 681 681
  • Address: BecaMex International Hospital, Go Cat Ward, Lai Thieu District, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province.

Unveiling the Marvel: Columbia Asia Binh Duong Hospital

Enter the realm of Columbia Asia Binh Duong Hospital, an epitome of modernity and warmth, standing tall as a symbol of top-tier healthcare in Binh Duong. This is the first specialized multi-disciplinary hospital in the region, proudly backed by 100% foreign investment, dedicated to delivering comprehensive healthcare services. From consultations and health advisories to cutting-edge diagnoses and a wide spectrum of inpatient and outpatient treatments, Columbia Asia Binh Duong is equipped with the finest medical technologies.
Columbia Asia Binh Duong Hospital
As your steadfast companion on the journey to well-being, this hospital continually strives for excellence under the stringent oversight of the Columbia Asia Group. Their team of physicians, armed with profound knowledge and rich experience, is always attentive and dedicated to delivering treatment outcomes that surpass expectations, contributing to each patient’s healthcare odyssey.

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Experience Excellence: Hoan Hao General Hospital

Next to the formidable Columbia Asia, Hoan Hao General Hospital emerges as a shining star among the best hospitals in Binh Duong, an establishment you simply cannot overlook. Born under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Health, Hoan Hao has tirelessly evolved into the second home for thousands of patients. It boasts immaculate facilities and a devoted, friendly team of medical professionals.
Hoan Hao General Hospital Binh Duong
With dynamism and unity as its foundation, this hospital has built unwavering trust within the community, thanks to its dedicated and efficient healthcare services. What sets Hoan Hao apart is its deep concern for low-income individuals, laborers, and those in need, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare at reasonable costs.

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The Illuminating Presence: Saigon Binh Duong General Hospital

Since May 2016, Saigon Binh Duong General Hospital has proudly stood as a beacon of hope for local residents, offering a modern and advanced healthcare paradigm. This medical haven not only captivates with its impeccable infrastructure and amenities but also by its team of healthcare experts, seasoned specialists, and dedicated professionals, some of whom have even migrated from prominent hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.
Saigon Binh Duong General Hospital
Unfazed investments in state-of-the-art equipment, internationally accredited operating rooms, along with meticulous and scientific management procedures, make Saigon Binh Duong General Hospital a promise of top-notch diagnostic and treatment services. It caters to the diverse healthcare needs of all patients, ensuring excellence in care across a spectrum of services.

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Harmony and Healing: Hanh Phuc International Hospital

When we talk about the finest hospitals in Binh Duong Province, one name that shines brightly is Hanh Phuc International Hospital. Committed to delivering top-tier healthcare services following Singaporean standards, Hanh Phuc International Hospital has become an emblem of high-quality, specialized care in obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive assistance.
Hanh Phuc International Hospital 1
Here, patients are not only cared for by leading-edge physicians with rich experience from Vietnam and around the world, but they also experience a friendly and cozy environment reminiscent of a resort. Hanh Phuc International Hospital not only meets but surpasses the expectations of its patients, making them feel cherished and meticulously cared for, as if they were in the embrace of family.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://www.hanhphuchospital.com/
  • Hotline: 1900 6765
  • Facebook: Hanh Phuc Hospital
  • Appointment Booking: Here
  • Addresses:
    • 18, Binh Duong Boulevard, Thuận An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
    • 97 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 5th Floor – Estella Place, 88 Song Hanh, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

The Pinnacle of Care in Binh Duong – Hoan My Private Hospital

When we speak of the best and most renowned hospitals in Binh Duong, it’s impossible not to mention Hoan My Private Hospital Binh Duong – a shining star in the realm of private healthcare. It perfectly combines high expertise with a profound dedication to the profession. Since its inception, Hoan My Hospital has consistently been a trusted healthcare destination for the people, boasting impeccable infrastructure, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and a lush, clean environment that ensures both physical and mental well-being for patients.
hoan my private
Within the hospital’s serene and tranquil premises, 150 hospital beds are nestled amidst greenery, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that aids in patients’ swift recovery. The medical team here isn’t just highly skilled but also wholeheartedly devoted to their craft, providing the most compassionate and professional care.

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Medic Binh Duong Hospital – Where Excellence Meets Compassion

Medic Binh Duong Hospital takes pride in being one of the leading hospitals in Binh Duong, where expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and dedicated service come together to provide the finest healthcare.
Medic Binh Duong Hospital
Since its inception, Medic Binh Duong General Hospital has continually expanded, becoming a high-quality healthcare destination for the people of Binh Duong and neighboring provinces. It houses a team of top-notch doctors, including specialists from renowned hospitals like Cho Ray Hospital and University Medical Center, ensuring professional and compassionate care.

Medic Binh Duong is equipped with state-of-the-art medical machinery, from ECG machines and brain monitors to leading-edge 3D and 4D GE ultrasound systems, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and timely treatment. Advanced equipment such as Olympus endoscopy and various other diagnostic tools are readily available to meet patients’ healthcare needs.

Beyond its skilled medical team and modern equipment, Medic Binh Duong Hospital offers a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services, including 24/7 emergency care, inpatient and outpatient treatment, regular health check-ups, and home healthcare. All of this is driven by one overarching goal: prioritizing the quality and satisfaction of patients.

In addition to providing quality healthcare, Medic Binh Duong Hospital demonstrates its commitment to the community by organizing numerous free medical check-up programs, visiting and gifting the underprivileged, showcasing a sense of medical ethics and compassion, contributing to the building of a healthy and happy society.

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Bình Duong Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital – Where Care Begins

Another name that has etched itself into the hearts of Binh Duong residents is the Bình Duong Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital, specializing in obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics, ensuring absolute peace of mind for every family. With a history spanning over 18 years of establishment and growth, the hospital has continuously upgraded its infrastructure and medical staff to provide the best, safest, and most compassionate healthcare services.
Bình Duong Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital
Boasting nearly 200 hospital beds, an experienced team of doctors, clean and well-equipped rooms, and modern facilities, the hospital is sure to leave every customer satisfied. The combination of high-quality, safe healthcare services, attentive nursing care, and affordable fees has elevated the Bình Duong Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital to the top choice for the health of both mothers and children.

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Top 10 Outstanding Hospitals in Can Tho

Central Can Tho General Hospital

In the quest for a trustworthy healthcare destination in the Mekong Delta, one cannot overlook the Central Can Tho General Hospital. Established in 2005 and under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, this hospital is not only large but also an emblem of friendliness, safety, quality, and effectiveness in the field of healthcare.
Central Can Tho General Hospital
With a team of professional, experienced doctors who dedicate their hearts to each examination, this hospital has become a warm second home for thousands of patients. Known as one of the best hospitals in Can Tho, it boasts 8 functional departments and over 10 clinical departments, equipped with advanced machinery and equipment such as 3D-HD endoscopy, neurosurgery, peritoneal dialysis, and artificial kidney machines, enhancing diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

In addition to continuously expanding and upgrading its infrastructure, the Central Can Tho General Hospital also places a strong emphasis on service quality and ensures a secure environment for both patients and their families.

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Medic Can Tho – Where Healthcare Meets Excellence

Today, Toplist.com.co is excited to introduce you to a highly reliable healthcare destination in Can Tho City – one of the finest hospitals you cannot afford to overlook: Hoa Hao General Hospital-Medic Can Tho. Since its official opening in late December 2017, this hospital has rapidly become a symbol of professional, modern healthcare not only in Can Tho but also in the Mekong Delta region.
Medic Can Tho
Hoa Hao General Hospital-Medic Can Tho creates a sophisticated, modern medical space with a full range of specialties including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Dentistry, and more. Every day, the hospital can accommodate from 1,000 to 1,500 patients thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly specialized and dedicated doctors.

What truly sets this hospital apart are its 4 Outstanding Strengths:

  1. Medical Laboratory Department: Equipped with top-of-the-line medical equipment such as Cobas Pro, Versacell, Anility, capable of performing various tests from basic to advanced. The hospital’s Medical Laboratory Department meets international ISO standards, offering a diverse range of tests with a capacity of up to 10,000 tests per hour.
  2. Diagnostic Imaging Department: Operating around the clock, 24/7, with cutting-edge equipment like Toshiba 640-slice CT scanner – one of the most advanced machines in the Mekong Delta. The hospital is confident in early detection of critical conditions such as brain, heart, and musculoskeletal disorders.
  3. Health Checkup Center: Providing comprehensive general health examinations and specialized disease screening services in a private and well-equipped space, reducing waiting times and delivering the best healthcare experience for everyone.
  4. On-Demand Home Health Checkup (VIP): The perfect solution for those seeking privacy, convenience, and no travel time.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hoa Hao General Hospital-Medic Can Tho also boasts over 30 specialized clinics with leading doctors in various fields, including oncology, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, hepatology, and more. All of this is aimed at providing the best healthcare for the people of Can Tho and the surrounding regions.

With what Hoa Hao General Hospital-Medic Can Tho offers, it is undoubtedly one of the best hospitals in Can Tho that you can trust. Their professionalism, dedication, and continuous improvement in every aspect of the hospital will surely make you feel at ease when entrusting your health and that of your loved ones to them.

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Can Tho General Hospital – Where Excellence in Healthcare Thrives

When it comes to the best hospitals in Can Tho, Can Tho General Hospital stands out as a prominent choice. Established in 2009, with a planned capacity of 500 beds and constructed to international standards, this hospital quickly became a trusted destination for patients. Notably, the rooftop helipad serves as a unique highlight, catering to the swift and effective emergency patient transfer needs.
Can Tho General Hospital
The hospital continually adopts advanced techniques and modern equipment in healthcare, with an ongoing focus on strengthening and improving its infrastructure. Each hospital room meets the required standards, ensuring hygiene and safety, a testament to their dedicated and meticulous care.

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Can Tho Children’s Hospital – Where Care Blossoms

Since 1979, with a rich history and unwavering dedication, Can Tho Children’s Hospital has grown into a prestigious Grade I hospital, becoming a reliable haven for thousands of parents seeking healthcare for their beloved children.
Can Tho Children's Hospital
Stepping into this establishment, you’ll immediately sense the warmth and friendliness exuded by the staff. With 200 beds and 16 specialized departments, they stand ready to serve. Notably, investments in state-of-the-art medical equipment have streamlined the examination and treatment processes for children, making them quicker and more precise. This has brought hope and smiles to numerous families.

Beyond healthcare, Can Tho Children’s Hospital has created a cheerful and child-friendly environment, complete with colorful playrooms. Here, young patients can play, have fun, and even study while undergoing treatment, reducing their worries and stress.

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Military Hospital 121 – A Beacon of Dedication and Honesty

In the realm of healthcare in Can Tho, one cannot overlook Military Hospital 121, a symbol of unwavering dedication, honesty, and respect within the medical field. With a history dating back to the resistance against the United States, Military Hospital 121 stands today as one of the best hospitals in Can Tho, renowned for cultivating a cadre of doctors who are “enlightened in ethics, profound in psychology, and adept in medicine.”
Military Hospital 121
The harmonious blend of modern and traditional medicine, coupled with a relentless pursuit of expanding and enhancing infrastructure, underscores Military Hospital 121’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services that cater to every patient’s needs.

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Phuong Chau International Maternity Hospital

Phuong Chau International Maternity Hospital is not just a colossal medical establishment spanning over 25,000 square meters with a capacity of 200 beds; it’s a modern marvel equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. This not only saves patients substantial costs but also minimizes travel time. With a dedicated and professional team of doctors, the hospital offers diverse treatment services at reasonable prices, tailored to the income levels of the local population, while ensuring top-notch healthcare and a sensible pricing policy that fosters trust and satisfaction.
Phuong Chau Maternity Hospital
Since its inception, Phuong Chau International Maternity Hospital has been the welcoming home for nearly 20,000 newborns, providing safety and health, and bringing the joy of “healthy mothers and square babies” to numerous families. With IVF Phuong Chau, the hospital has tirelessly assisted families in welcoming nearly 2,000 babies through in vitro fertilization, a testament to their expertise and dedication in reproductive healthcare.

But their commitment doesn’t stop there. Phuong Chau continually earns praise for the quality of its services, consistently updating and researching to meet international medical standards. The hospital not only eagerly collaborates with international partners like South Korea and Japan to elevate and expand its operations but also emphasizes the establishment of international quality standards such as JCI, RTAC, ISO 15189, and the implementation of the LEAN SIX SIGMA hospital quality management system.

Phuong Chau Maternity Hospital
Furthermore, the Phuong Chau Medical Group tirelessly expands its network to other provinces in the Mekong Delta region, such as Can Tho, Dong Thap, and Soc Trang, offering high-quality healthcare services to more people. With a full spectrum of specialties, from Obstetrics-Gynecology, Pediatrics, Infertility, to General Medicine, Phuong Chau is undeniably the best hospital in Can Tho province for all reproductive healthcare needs.

I firmly believe that with what Phuong Chau International Maternity Hospital provides, it unquestionably stands as the best hospital in Can Tho province that you can trust with your health and happiness.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://phuongchau.com/
  • Facebook: Phuong Chau
  • Hotline: 1900 54 54 66
  • Addresses:
    • 300 Nguyen Van Cu Extended, An Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City
    • 373 Phu Loi, Ward 2, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province
    • 153 Nguyen Sinh Sac, Ward 2, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province

Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital

A name that resonates with the people of the Mekong Delta and neighboring provinces, where the health and happiness of every patient take precedence.
Since its establishment in 2007, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital has tirelessly strived to provide the community with high-quality healthcare services at extremely reasonable costs. This enables residents in the Southwestern region to access the best medical services without the need for extensive travel, saving not only time but also expenses.

Hoan My Cuu Long
Inheriting and enhancing the extensive medical expertise of the Hoan My Medical Corporation, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital consistently expands and develops, catering to all treatment needs, from common illnesses to complex cases. This has significantly reduced the burden on higher-tier hospitals, with thousands of patients being examined and treated daily across nearly 30 specialties.

With a team of over 600 staff, including experienced and skilled doctors, proficient healthcare professionals, and dedicated administrative personnel, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital proudly commits to delivering absolute customer satisfaction. “Expertise” and “Ethics” are always the top criteria, with the motto “putting the patient at the center.” Every member of the medical team works with dedication and effort for the health and safety of the patients.

Hoan My Cuu Long
To this day, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital has become a trusted healthcare destination, known and appreciated by every resident in the region and neighboring provinces. Not only for its professionalism but also for the love of the profession and sincere care that the hospital extends to every patient.

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Can Tho University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy

Established in 2011, this shared haven is not only a symbol of high-quality healthcare but also a gathering place for souls dedicated to their profession, from Professors, Associate Professors to Doctors and Masters, alongside a team of highly experienced specialist doctors. Stepping inside, you’ll feel the warmth and dedication, understanding why this is the best hospital in Can Tho province.
Can Tho University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy
The medical equipment here is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, from minimally invasive surgical systems to 3D-4D color Doppler ultrasound machines and an immune biochemical testing system. All meet international standards, ensuring optimal diagnosis and treatment efficiency. This underscores the commitment to “Professional Standards – Dedicated Service” of Can Tho University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, making it the brand of the best hospital in Can Tho province.

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Can Tho Dermatology Institute

In addition, Can Tho Dermatology Institute is also an unmissable destination when it comes to high-quality healthcare services here. It stands out with a team of highly specialized doctors, along with modern facilities and medical equipment imported from reputable manufacturers worldwide.
Can Tho Dermatology Institute
Can Tho Dermatology Institute offers advanced skincare services such as laser surgery, scarless tattoo removal, melasma treatment, and skin rejuvenation using state-of-the-art technology. Professionalism and dedication have built the reputation of Can Tho Dermatology Institute as one of the best hospitals in Can Tho province.

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Can Tho Traditional Medicine Institute

When it comes to health, each of us desires to be cared for at the most reputable and high-quality places. In Can Tho, the Can Tho Traditional Medicine Institute proudly stands as one of the best hospitals in Can Tho province. Here, the dedication and high expertise of the medical team take precedence. With a high sense of ethics and responsibility towards patients, the doctors here are not only skilled professionals but also wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to each treatment, bringing peace of mind and trust to every patient.
Can Tho Traditional Medicine Institute
Since its establishment, the Can Tho Traditional Medicine Institute has asserted its position not only in the city of Can Tho but also extended its reach to the Mekong Delta region. With 180 hospital beds and strong investments in modern equipment and machinery, the hospital confidently meets all healthcare needs of patients. From bone density measurement using ultrasound to fully automated hematology analyzers, everything is geared towards comprehensive healthcare for everyone.

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Can Tho Obstetrics Hospital

But wait, the Can Tho Obstetrics Hospital is also an address that cannot be overlooked when discussing the best hospitals in Can Tho province. Since its inception in 2014, the hospital has relentlessly strived to implement and perfect high-quality technical services, especially in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. With 250 beds, 21 departments, and a prenatal and neonatal screening and diagnostic center, the hospital takes pride in being a place where “trust is entrusted” to thousands of women and future mothers.
Can Tho Obstetrics Hospital
In particular, the successful application of endoscopy techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders, from ovarian endoscopy surgery to pelvic floor disorders, has ushered in a new era in women’s healthcare. And with the expansion of newborn screening techniques, the implementation of genetic diagnosis in prenatal screening, the Can Tho Obstetrics Hospital is not only the leading address for reproductive health care but also the pride of the healthcare industry in Can Tho.

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Above are the top 20 best hospitals in Binh Duong and Can Tho that toplist.com.co has compiled. Do you think the list is complete? If there are any missing addresses, please let us know. And please support us by following more quality articles in the healthcare services category.

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